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Your journey begins here!

We explore through Tanzania and the rest of East Africa to bring you the best marine and agricultural treasures.

Discover the wonders of cowry and mixed shells from the sea, and enjoy the richness of grains and seeds from the land. Our commitment to sustainability and culture ensures a delicious and responsible experience.

Embark on a tasteful adventure with ATL’s magic. Let’s explore the world’s finest commodities together!


Our Products

Cowry Shells

Mixed Shells

Chia Seeds

Gum Resins

Sunflower Seeds

Pigeon Peas

Cowry Shells

The Indian ocean has an abundance of Cowry (Cypraeidae) Shells. At ATL Group, we have regular shipments heading towards the Asian continent.

Mixed Shells

Discover the Diversity of Mixed Shells from Kenya- Rely on our regular shipments to enrich destinations across the globe.

Chia Seeds

Sourced from nature’s bounty in Tanzania. Elevate your health and culinary delights with ATL Group’s premium Chia seed offerings.

Gum Resin

Kenyan Gum Resins- Unveil the essence of nature’s healing treasures, including Gum Arabic, Gum Myrrh, and Gum Aloe.

Sunflower Seeds

Harvested from the fields of Tanzania, ATL Group brings you premium sunflower seeds, perfect for culinary creations and healthy indulgence.


Uncover the captivating aroma and flavor of the finest cloves from Tanzania’s spice-rich lands.

Pigeon Peas

We offer premium-grade pigeon peas sourced from Tanzania, perfect for nourishing meals and sustainable living.

Vanilla Pods

Indulge in the alluring allure of Tanzanian Vanilla Pods. Handpicked by ATL Group, our premium vanilla pods are filled with aroma.


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Absolutely delighted with ATL Group's Cowry Shells! As an importer from India, I was thrilled to receive the finest selection, perfect for our craftwork and cultural displays. Their reliable shipments have made them our go-to source for cowry shells. Highly recommended!

Buyer from India

Good quality and service! ATL Group's Chia Seeds have become a staple in our health-conscious market in the UAE. The seeds' freshness and nutritional value are unmatched and we appreciate their reliable deliveries and look forward to a long-lasting partnership!

Buyer from UAE

We bought Mixed Shells from them and were blown away by the diverse assortment of shapes and colors, perfect for our crafting needs. Their prompt service and attention to detail have made them our preferred supplier. Highly impressed!

Buyer from Brazil