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Tanzania’s leading exporters since 1978

Sea Shells

We are commercial exporters of seashells in bulk quantities to many parts of the world for the past 20 years. We have our own collection points spread all over the coast of Tanzania.

We have an efficient operation that involves thorough
cleaning processes, drying facilities, and packaging facilities that ensure the highest levels of quality for our customers.


Having started with a humble beginning in the wood
business, Aqeel Traders LTD has slowly grown into one of the largest exporters of sawn hardwood strips to various parts of the world.

We have our own infrastructure facilities from cutting and
transporting timber logs from the forests to our sawmills in Lindi(south Tanzania) to grading and packaging at our
warehouses in Dar-es-salaam.


We are driven by values

We are an importing and exporting business based in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Our export arsenal consists of Timber and Seashells, however we are always looking to expand our product range based on market situations.

We have been exporting our products to different parts of the world for several years. Our experience and quality of work has made us one of the leading exporting businesses in Tanzania.

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