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AQEEL Traders is a company based in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that deals in products which include Carvings, Sea Shells and Sawn Hardwood Strips. For many years we have been exporting these products to various places. Our expirience and quality of work and goods has made us one of the leading companies for exporting these products to various parts of the world


Our export is dedicated towards exposing the rich treasures of Makonde carvings derived from African culture. Within our range of masterpieces, you will find a wealth of beautifully carved and rare wood sculptures hand made by the local artists, Depicting the rich culture of their tradition- Makonde. Our wide range of Makonde carvings and our competitive prices ensure you with a special item, unforgettable and always cherished in your heart –the African art.


We also export commercial seashells in bulk quanties to many parts of the world for the past seven years. We have our own collection points spread all over the coast of Tanzania, our own cleaning, drying, processing and packing facilities located in Dar-es-salaam. We have a wide range of sea shells to choose from


Having started with a humble begining in the wood business of exporting hardwood timber logs in 1995, Aqeel Traders Ltd has slowly grown into one of the largest exporters of sawn hardwood strips to various parts of the world, having its own infrastructure facilities from cutting and transporting timber logs from the forests to its sawmills in Lindi-(south Tanzania) to grading and packaging at the warehouses in Dar-es-salaam, to managing the logistics of exporting to various countries through the Dar main port.

Should you have any requirement for the above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than pleased to answer to your queries at our earliest possible.




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